Recently, I’ve taken to running and it’s taken me by surprise. 

I am glad for my creaky muscles that are overdue for conditioning. 

I am glad for my running pals; a group of super determined ladies who are so set on their goals towards better health and fitness it is inspiring. 

I am glad that this new rigour is going to get me back in shape. Every pregnancy has piled on more and more weight, and it’s about time I did something for me. 

I am glad for the mornings that I get to come off my usual routine, to spend time amidst nature. Running helps you reconnect …with yourself.

 So for all those who are hesitating to get fit for whatever reason…I do understand how you feel because for most of the years before this one, I thought the same. There’s never enough time nor energy. 

But…there’s always a first time. 

And there are always good reasons to start and a good race to start with. 

The good folks at Singapore Kindness Run 2017 have a gentle run planned for you and your little ones. Here are a few reasons why this is an awesome family run:


1. Race Etiquette Experience Zones

It’s one of the unique runs with character building and soft skills factored in. A key highlight: a dedicated Experience Zone with Experiential Learning Stations to discover  Race Etiquette Tips for little junior. Well, not surprising as this IS the Kindness Run! 

2. Kid’s Friendly Family Fun

 This could be your Little Junior’s First Run. The 800m dash is an achievable distance to start and the kids would be thrilled with this winner’s  box collectible of the adorable Singa Lion! 

More  Singa Lion!  Can’t resist. 


 3. Run by the Beach

Pasir Ris Park with its leafy greens and beachside view is a nice place to have a run. Easterners will be happy and city folks happy with the change of scene. One of my favorite places I run at every week too-away from maddening crowd!

 The familiar leafy terrain of Pasir Ris Park on a typical run morning.

Some highlights after the run include family photo opportunities with Singa the Lion and a chance to mingle with sports and celebrity ambassadors!   

Here are some FAQS answered: 

1. When will the Singapore Kindness Run 2017 be held?

The race will be held on 14th May 2017, Sunday.

2. Where will the Singapore Kindness Run 2017 be held?

Pasir Ris Park, Native Lawn (next to Car Park C).

3. How do I get to the Race:

Please make your own arrangements. You can use Google Maps and enter destination as Pasir Ris Park Carpark C for directions from your location.

4. What are the categories?

The following are the race categories for the Singapore Kindness Run 2017. There are 3 race categories. Please refer below:

10KM Men’s Open (min age 13 years or older)

10KM Womens’ Open (min age 13 years or older)

800M Kid’s Dash

7-9 years old

9-12 years old

5. How much is it to participate in the Singapore Kindness Run 2017?

Please refer to the chart below:

Category    Early Bird         Normal

10KM           $45                     $50

Bundle: 1x10KM + 1x800M

                       $70                     $75

800M Kids Dash

                       $25                     $30

6. What is the flag off times of the respective categories?

10KM – 7:00am

800M Kids Dash – 9:30am


Racing Bib with Timing Chip

Flying Cape All-you-can-Learn Buffet voucher – choose from any of the 1,200 classes and attend for free (UP: $25)

Mother Earth Healthy Snack from New Zealand  

Drawstring Bag

 Registration ends 28 April 2017.

Click here to sign up!



In addition, MOBM has one Kids Dash race for your little one (aged 7-12years) worth $30 to giveaway on the blog! 

To participate in the giveaway: 

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2. Share this blog post on your Facebook Wall and tag three friends. Remember to ensure that privacy settings are set to “Public”
For additional chance to WIN: 

3. Comment on the post here on why you and your little one would be keen to take part in the run!

 *Leave your email address so we can contact you should you win the contest!

Giveaway ends 26 April, Wednesday @6pm. All entries are to be submitted by then! 

All the Best!?

**Congratulations! Joyce Loh!