Japanese curry has a tender spot in our household as the kids were initiated into the world of curries and spices primarily through it. For one, the cloying gravy (naturally sweet with onions, carrots and apples) is so appealing to their little taste buds that it takes them away from the heat, if any at all.

It can also taste more like a stew than a curry especially in its mildest form and thus de-mystifies curry as “hot”, “stinging” or overly spicy. It is the indisputable kid’s starter to curries compared to say Indian curry, which can be a little strong in spices or even Chinese curry, which can have substantially more chilli oil and coconut (otherwise known as “kick”).

And so, because of the Kare Raisu, the kids are able to earn their medals of valour for braving their tongues through “fire”. The rite of passage is pleasurable to watch each time as you see them overcome their preconceptions of spice: at the mention of the word “curry”, they recoil and are reluctant to venture in. However, when its “Japanese curry” instead, they relax and everyone’s game for a good meal with options for seconds, priding themselves each with the titles of ” He/She who did not even need to take one glass of water”.

Making your own curry roux is also the most achievable thing, especially when you’re short on store-bought cubes. It’s also a cheaper alternative too with the option to customize the level of spiciness. We attempted our own roux that day, with some mince beef and it was just as good. Otherwise,

On top of that, Japanese Curry is easy to pair with any kind of meat: chicken, beef, pork work well with some definition of unique flavour. It is also very versatile and can be eaten with rice or pasta. Pool some sauce over white rice, crack an egg on top and layer with cheese will make this dish more than awesome.

Definitely a family favourite!