Some time back, we celebrated our baby turning 3. Following her epic Peppa Pig cake of the previous year where all of us messed with fondant to make her favourite pink animal, she’s since moved on (due to sisterly influence) to horses. Her lovely purple pony friend was bought for her as a present by all of her siblings (generous eldest (with most savings) contributed 70% with the remainder shared between brother and second sister)…incidental lesson on using their savings to bless those they love.
As with family tradition, mummy contributes by making a hopefully memorable cake. Nothing fancy, but decided on a marble-swirl Sky coloured strawberry yoghurt cheesecake. Turned out a lovely pastelly-blue and cream with looked like a decent backdrop for ponies to fly!

True to budget mum style, I relish the opportunities that the kids have to create their own cake and be involved some way in the process. It brings great delight to parent and child and binds our shared memories of the experience tighter. Thus, the little one was thrilled at littering the cake with rainbow sprinkles across the “magic” skyscape and the cute marshmallow “clouds” were lined up around the borders. This pastel wonderland was enough to make this 3 and 30+ year old very happy for the day!:)