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Hokkien mee is a perennial favourite or pretty much any noodle with prawn in it, are the works. Recently, we think we’ve found another rather easy dinner companion to our noodle hit-list. This is so easy to replicate at home and so popular with our tastebuds.

The sultry cousin of Singapore Hokkien Mee, better known as 福建炒麵 or Black Hokkien mee, is a well known Malaysian dish commonly served in KL.

 If Singapore Hokkien Mee is Robin, then Black Hokkien Mee must be the Dark Knight for unlike the former, the star of this dish is none other than the dark soya sauce.


And as I’ve read, justice will only be served to the dish when the best quality of rich dark sauce is used (Cheong Chan Thick Caramel Suace is one). 

Braised with pork, squid, fish cake and cabbage as the main ingredients,not forgetting lard, the fat yellow noodles takes time to absorb all the juices and flavours from the stock to yield a wet,very palatable dish that noodle lovers would not think twice about slurping up. This dish fared awesomely in my family made of noodle lovers and slurpers of all good things. Maybe some of you might like this to round off the weekend!