I’m linguistically challenged and this pancake gave me a few doses of that reality.

Hur hur…. Oki…No, Oko as in Yoko Ono, yaki as in “yucky” is me scrambling at feeble word association only to be shut down by my kids who decided to take it up a notch…

“Mom, say this: “garbledegook”, “Supercalifragalisticexpialidocious”!,
another countered.
I could do that…I thought, rolling my lips to begin but not before proceeding to roll my eyes at their attempted mum-bashing efforts.

“Wait mum, try this…”Yakiniku, Makizushi, Takoyaki and Furikake. All at once.”

There. Slayed in an instant.
So anyone care to enlighten me: what’s the Japanese word for “surrender”?

Back to business. Here’s how you make (ahem) Japanese Savoury Pancake. Perfect for when you have nothing much on the fridge (some straggly cabbage/carrots/a crabstick/bacon bits or two).