Giant Berry Pancake

Giant Berry Pancake

I have been dreaming about desserts since I got here and kicking myself that I left most of my baking ware back home. But when I stumbled upon this exciting mid-afternoon dessert, that is still making my heart flutter as I type, I was sold. It’s this Giant Berry Pancake.

In fact, this recipe had me at the word “Giant”–also equivalent to “upsized”, also equivalent to “good for feeding hungry children”. I am not really a strawberry person nor a pancake lover, but I HEART this pancake. Basic pantry ingredients and pancake batter all in one pan. No need for flipping, one oven delish. A stack of pancakes in the city would easily cost us $12 but this homemade delight that will send you straight to pancake “heaven”? Priceless.

Giant berry pancake

Slicing the berries

So here’s what we did to make the Giant Pancake happen. Little E was bored post-lunch and before she could start on her typical “Mom, I am hungry..” autopilot semi-whine right about 3pm, I executed the perfect plan.

“I am making a pancake and you can help me! How about you help me slice some strawberries?” “Yippee…!” she exclaims with relish and does a happy dance chanting “I am cutting strawberries, I am cutting strawberries (sung to “ne-ne-ni-poo-poo”). “Cut it into half, then cut it in half again.”….while she’s at it, I take the chance to throw in a few liners introducing her to the concept of halves and quarters. Here’s the berry happy girl (also a Strawberry Shortcake fan) doing her fair share for a piece of the pie.

Giant Berry Pancake

Folding the whites in and dropping in the berries

R gets home and jumps at the word “Pancake”. Immediately, he can’t contain his excitement. “I want Giant Berry Pancake!”. “Well, then you’ll have to help me, ” I say wryly. Swiftly, he throws his bag down, washes his hands and gets started. Both he and his sister start to jostle for the best position next to Mama.

Next, comes a round of musical chairs, where they start fighting over who gets the stepping stool to see better. Finally, they settle on a truce. E steps and watches her brother while he has a go at mixing the yolks and sugar and folding in the whites. When it’s done, they both dig their hands in the bowl of chopped strawberries and plop them into the goopy batter.

Giant Berry Pancake

Giant Berry Pancake Escape!

Finally, the plate of homemade awesomeness that we have all been waiting to enjoy has arrived on a plate accessorized with fresh strawberries and served with Vanilla ice cream. Really. Good. SHARE this page to save it on your timeline!