There’s nothing like a sweet bowl of hot, piping Bubur Terigu to soothe my inner Mama. It’s really been some time that I’ve done something for myself and rid myself of mama psyche: that translates to not having to overthink if the kids will like it or not but cooking it anyway. If they are not fans…that can only be good news as I can have the whole pot to myself no??

It’s also been some time I made something I really do enjoy eating, which are no, NOT the usual fancy sugared donuts or too-sweet cupcakes that you can pick easily off most shopping enclaves NOR the overpriced desserts you get at dine-in restaurants. All I wanted was something laid-back, humble, soupy and delicious: bubur terigu or wheat porridge, fit that bill to the T.

It’s hot so you calm down and enjoy it unhurriedly, NOBODY should rush you through this. It’s sweet, delectable and pleasingly rich…who can get enough of gula melaka and coconut cream? It’s textured and has bite: which I absolutely love. Best of all, it’s really fuss-free: just make sure you soak the grains for a minimum of 2 hours to cut down stove time to 40 minutes or less if you use a themal or pressure pot.

Here’s a brilliant recipe:…/…