Pictured here, the kids in the belly of a whale, having a blubber of a time! As a homeschooling budget mum, I dig museums. First, they are FREE with loads of activities and programmes specially curated for Children’s Season. They are also repositories of life in the fullness of its expression. It’s never a dull school day out!

In the belly of a whale

Imaginarium, Over the Ocean and Under the Sea at 8Q has been one of our annual faves and we spent some time staking out in there and soaking in the aquatic-themed line-up last week. Here’s sharing our favourite bits of our visit along with tips on how to engage the children in the installations:

Highlights of our trip:
1. “Plastic Ocean” by Tan Zi Xi
Children and adults are invited to “swim” through cartons of used bottles, wrappers meant to recreate a sea of plastic. The message is obvious. Are we using and discarding more than our oceans can handle? Our children ran through the blue-hued maze identifying some of their favourite chocolate biscuit wrappers and the brand of detergent we use. We also enjoyed the mini art gallery of illustrations by Tan, a Singaporean illustrator turned artist.

2. “ADA” by Karina Smigla-Bobinski
My 6yo was particularly enamoured by ADA …a huge helium ball with charcoal studs on it bobbing it’s way around a large white space. It’s actually intended to resemble a bioluminescent underwater organism and children are encouraged to guide ADA around. With every push, they leave irreversible charcoal marks across the surface of the wall, symbolic of how we too, in interacting with the oceans through our actions, affect the oceanic and natural habitats around us and leave irreparable damage. Deep stuff!
Tips: just don’t wear white or your favourite new dress if your child is likely to spend lots of time here. Could end up looking black and scruffy.

3. “Where is Mogus?” By Mulyana
Spot Mogus, an imaginary octopus and his beautiful crocheted friends. This is tactile wonderland and one of the favourites for the children. Plush whales and great photo moments along with “I spy” games that can keep one another on their toes!
Get the children to spot and spy out the different octopus friends and have them looking into the detail of each hanging octopus!

4. We also enjoyed the theaterette with a full list of international and local short films. Awesome long sofa benches all the way inside and fully carpeted. Perfect way to rest your tired feet. “The Sea is Blue” just won the Webby awards for best animation!

Imaginarium runs now through to 28 August 2016.