We’ve been unwittingly living on the “inside out” over the past few weeks as a family. Of course, the thematic title is inspired by none other than Pixar’s newest flick proclaimed by many a reviewer as one of the “finest animations to date”. That, and my coming-of-age 11 year old insisted that she’d “lava” (N.B. those who’ve watched it in theaters, you’d know what I mean) for the family to watch this film of another coming-of-age 11 year old’s emotional turmoil on a large fantastical canvas. And so being mature and feeling adults, we happily obliged.

Crazily though, we haven’t stepped into a cinema for at least two years and we owe it to the blanket of consistent hazy weather to drive us inside rather than outdoors in search of ourselves. Because of the imminent bad weather, we have found ourselves looking out at grey blurry skies and connecting with a bundle of lethally-mixed emotions: Disgust (when reading dodgy ministerial replies from neighbouring country), Sadness (that deforestation and forest burning is accelerating like a speedster bent on scoring roadkill, more Sadness and irony (when we realize we just bought the tissue packs, to wipe our tears, which killed the trees). And perhaps a little Anger (watching the PSI levels like the stock market index and having to snuff our noses behind closed windows and unfashionable masks.)

Lastly, Fear. Fear is staying home, not knowing what to eat and deciding to attempt making inside-out sushi for the first time with small doses of trepidation. Inside-out sushi rolls-a perfect descriptor of my vulnerable state of mind, where the revelatory insides of my emotions are rolled outwards to be bared and stared at. The good news is, that this concoction- grains of sticky rice, backed tight with seaweed and walled in into a neat and immensely satisfying bite of mushy avocado, sweet teriyaki chicken and crunchy cucumber- hits a definitive home run for pure, invigorating Joy with every bite henceforth putting every other emotional sidekick in its proper place. The wise Helen Keller once said, “The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen but are felt from the heart.” This, must be one of those things.

Recommend watching this, next to the movie?: