I have never been very skillful nor keen at origami. But I did marry a man who likes origami and I do have kids who love to eat things that are deep-fried golden and well, “folded”. So, here I am, trying out to eke out some creativity in the Art of Folding.

Usually, fried wantons are folded into two or scrunched up with gathers on top, but after I discovered this method of folding, I was pretty excited. It’s a wanton folded in half and a few steps more. The result though, makes you feel more than prosperous. Thanks to my dad, who saw this and exclaimed in jest, ” You’re making golden ingots?” I wish I could Dad, I really do. But since I can’t, these wantons are the closest to gold….delicious gold:)

After this, I’ve scaled a tiny level up in the Art of Folding. I’m glad that the kids will have Dad to go to if they want to learn to fold origami but even more thrilled that they can come to me if they want to fold a Golden Ingot wanton. Pretty neat, don’t you think?

Here’s how to fold a golden ingot in 5 easy steps:

1. Put mince in centre of wanton (not too full, about a $1 coin?)

2. Apply four sides with egg wash. Fold diagonally into half and seal.

3. From the base of the wanton triangle, find the middle of the meaty portion and make a dent with your finger to midpoint.

4. Turn both ends up and seal again with egg wash.
5. Voila. Now you can start to count them 😉