What are mealtimes like in your household? And how would you describe them?

Here’s what ours look like in our family of growing eaters: rounds of continuous eating & washing starting from when the kids get back: a “high-tea” buffet of sorts of which I am the only exclusive caterer.

3.45pm: [Hungry, (sometimes ravenous) kids come back from school.] The first thing they say is:
Kids: “Hi Mom, what’s for lunch?”
Mom: Didn’t you guys already have lunch?”
Kids: “Well, sort of, but we’re still hungry.
[hungry kids settle in for “lunch” consisting of lunch leftovers. End of Act 1].

Act 2, 5pm:
Kids: “Mum, what’s for dinner?”
Mum: “I don’t know. Anyway, why are you asking? I thought you just ate?
Kids: “Well yeah, we did. But that was an hour ago, and we’re still hungry.”
Mum in utter disbelief: “What?!!”

Act 3: 6pm
Kid 1: “When will dinner be ready? I can smell something yummy…”
Kid 2: “Mum, I just went to the toilet three times, and urm, cleared everything.
Mum: ( No comment but I see where this is heading. That’s subtle, no, that’s a big hint, no…they are telling me to work faster, nooooo….they’re playing on my mind!!!…….)

Act 4: 6.30pm
[After battling out the elements in the kitchen & leveling up at food ninja; chopping at the speed of light, multiple-running stoves, stirring, frying, scouring oily pans, cleaning up spills around kitchen counters, clearing the table, dinner is ready to be served.]
Mum: “Alright, dinner is ready!”
Kids: “YESSSSS!!!( hoots and cheers followed by trampling of feet down the stairs not unlike a herd of galloping cattle).

Act 5: 730pm
Rounds of washing in between, and dinner is almost a done deal. Mum tugs at the trash and it’s a full bag. Yes! Another dinner behind me. But something’s lurking behind, followed by a familiar voice:
Kid: “Mum, can I have an apple?”
Another voice:
“Yup, me too, peeled ok?”
Another: “I don’t want apple. I want grapes.”
Baby(strapped to baby chair): “I want walk!!!” Followed by squeals of protests (which mean, “right now!”)

All in a day’s work at mum’s All-day Diner. Tell me I’m not alone.